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Bits and Bobs release

Our latest public release includes lots of bits and bobs… literally! Today’s new dice have inclusions in them. Leaves, snowmen, strawberries, and some other fun goodies. 

Also… calendars will be going on pre-release soon!

Just Ducky
Spring Equinox
Frosty the Snowman
Bag of Masks
Summer Solstice
Apple of My Eye
Ordinary Kind of Leaf
Winter Solstice
Good Berry
Dragonfruit Delight
Autumn Equinox

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Summer Shimmers

The sun in shining bright (and a bit hot here in Vancouver… we’re in the middle of a “heat bubble”). So what better time than to launch dice with a beautiful shimmer? Put them in a sunbeam and let those sparkles shine.

This is our latest public release (meaning you may have already received these).

Cryptic Cherry
Fall Out
Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Chem Trails
Threat Level Midnight
Yeti Shenanigans
Mystic Maroon
Poison Ivy
Brain Science
Enchanted Slicer
Sleep Spell
April Wine
Yuan Ti Defender
Xorn Traveller

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Gift Sets now available for Retail!

Just in time for Mother’s Day (OK, that’s questionable), we now have our popular gift sets available in retail packaging. Two per case, please order in case quantities, you are welcome to mix and match similar size gift sets in the same case.

All gift sets include a mug, stickers, pencils, and of course dice.

Standard size gift sets

Standard size gift sets include the RPG Essentials gift set (MSRP $45), the RPG Date Night gift set (MSRP $80), the RPG Goblin Dice Hoard gift set (MSRP $95), and the mug two pack (MSRP $35).

Large size gift sets

The large gift set is the RPG Artisan gift set. Each gift set contains the stat block mug,, pencils, stickers, Gold Box mystery metal dice set (not so much a mystery, as they can see the set in the box), and one of our hand crafted wooden dice trays available in Black Dragon, Fang Dragon, Gold Dragon, Red Dragon, and Silver Dragon.

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2020 Advent Calendar Preorders

Our most popular variations are the traditional 24 day advent calendar and the 31 day countdown to the new year. We also carry an 8-day and a 30-day countdown. All the calendars come in a standard version (one die per day and a full set on the last day) and a deluxe version (a full set every day). 

This year’s calendars include different dice set from last year’s, with one special winter-themed dice set. 

If you are interested in reserving calendars, please let me know by September 1. Payment can happen at delivery time. We’re hoping to have the calendars ready to go by September 15th, so we will plan to deliver any orders the weekend of September 19 & 20.