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Welcome to Adventure Dice’s wholesale site! Your Canadian source for wholesale RPG dice, role-playing game accessories, and other tabletop gaming goodies. We believe in quality products and good customer service.

Find polyhedral dice sets for players of D&D and Pathfinder. D6 dice sets and d10 dice sets for other RPGs. Gift sets, premium dice, dice calendars, and handcrafted dice trays and dice bags.

Prices are in CAD (Canadian Dollars).

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What’s new?

  • Restocks and Gift Sets, LIMITED supply of Dice Calendars

    Hi Friendly Local Game Stores!
    We’ve got some great RPG goodies for you ahead of the holiday season:

    • We have a very limited restock of 24-day standard Adventure Dice Calendars. As there are very few left, this is first-come first serve for whoever would like them. (Note: They aren’t available through our wholesale site, so just me an email if you’re interested).
    • Deck of Many Things and Deck of Illusions are now restocked. 
    • NEW!! Trail Rations bulk dice are now in stock. These come in half kilogram bags (just over a pound of dice), and are available in Standard A-Grade bags and “Spoiled” B-Grade.
    • We have a variety of gamer gift sets available that include dice, mugs, trays, and other goodies. These come packed in cute display boxes.

    Dice sets also back in stock:

    Thank you

  • FLGS News – Advent Calendars!

    Hi FLGS partners,
    The 2021 Adventure Dice Advent / Countdown Calendars are now available for pre-order!

    We’re excited to let you know that this year’s calendar will feature Adventure Dice’s very first custom designed dice set. Calendars will be available in 24, 31, and 8 day versions, with standard (a single die each day, with a full set on the last day) and deluxe (full set every day) options available.

    FLGS pre-orders will be open until August 31st, with delivery in early September. We recommend ordering early, as we sell out every year once we open sales to the public on our website. I’ve included a sell sheet with more information on the calendars. 

    To pre-order, visit the wholesale website (under Gift Sets) or email me directly. 

  • Bits and Bobs release

    Our latest public release includes lots of bits and bobs… literally! Today’s new dice have inclusions in them. Leaves, snowmen, strawberries, and some other fun goodies. 

    Also… calendars will be going on pre-release soon!

    Just Ducky
    Spring Equinox
    Frosty the Snowman
    Bag of Masks
    Summer Solstice
    Apple of My Eye
    Ordinary Kind of Leaf
    Winter Solstice
    Good Berry
    Dragonfruit Delight
    Autumn Equinox

  • Summer Shimmers

    The sun in shining bright (and a bit hot here in Vancouver… we’re in the middle of a “heat bubble”). So what better time than to launch dice with a beautiful shimmer? Put them in a sunbeam and let those sparkles shine.

    This is our latest public release (meaning you may have already received these).

    Cryptic Cherry
    Fall Out
    Sorcerer’s Apprentice
    Chem Trails
    Threat Level Midnight
    Yeti Shenanigans
    Mystic Maroon
    Poison Ivy
    Brain Science
    Enchanted Slicer
    Sleep Spell
    April Wine
    Yuan Ti Defender
    Xorn Traveller

  • June Dice Restock

    We just did a big restock on dice sets! These sets were previously out of stock, but are now available to order again.

    Now back in stock:

    • Bardic Inspiration
    • Blood Thirst
    • Clockworks premium metal dice set
    • Coliseum Electrum
    • Dark Nexus
    • Druid Circle
    • Figment of Imagination
    • French Vanilla
    • Frost Giant
    • Full Moon mini dice set
    • Glacial Lake
    • Grounded Pixie
    • Ioun Stone
    • Jet Stream
    • Jittery Squid
    • Mermaid’s Hideaway premium metal dice set
    • Mint Creme
    • Nuclear Sunset
    • Over the Rainbow
    • Pacifica
    • Pink Lemonade
    • Plasma Singularity
    • Powder Puff
    • Pumpkin Camouflage
    • Quantum Galaxy
    • Royal Decree
    • Sliced Watermelon
    • Stuck on Nimbus
    • Tahitian Vanilla Large dice set
    • Unicorn Snot

  • Gift Sets now available for Retail!

    Just in time for Mother’s Day (OK, that’s questionable), we now have our popular gift sets available in retail packaging. Two per case, please order in case quantities, you are welcome to mix and match similar size gift sets in the same case.

    All gift sets include a mug, stickers, pencils, and of course dice.

    Standard size gift sets

    Standard size gift sets include the RPG Essentials gift set (MSRP $45), the RPG Date Night gift set (MSRP $80), the RPG Goblin Dice Hoard gift set (MSRP $95), and the mug two pack (MSRP $35).

    Large size gift sets

    The large gift set is the RPG Artisan gift set. Each gift set contains the stat block mug,, pencils, stickers, Gold Box mystery metal dice set (not so much a mystery, as they can see the set in the box), and one of our hand crafted wooden dice trays available in Black Dragon, Fang Dragon, Gold Dragon, Red Dragon, and Silver Dragon.

  • Sell Sheets now available!

    There are many great reasons to attend the GAMA trade show, the people, the connections, and the ideas. One of the great ideas that we found were sell sheets. Handy reference guides to our top selling items.

    Sell sheets give you the most important details of our product as a quick easy to reference guide. This makes sure you and your staff are well informed to help your customers, and help sell the Adventure Dice line.

    Visit our page here, or to ensure you get all the latest, click here for the Google documents folder.

  • Attending GAMA 2021 Virtual Event

    We will be attending Gama 2021 virtual trade show, and we would love to hear from you! We are your Canadian source for dice, RPG and tabletop gaming accessories. We would love to hear from you, feel free to reach out during the con, or at any time for more details on our UVP that will appeal to your customer.

  • New Display Racks Now Available!

    Officially released, our display stands are now available at no extra charge (minimum order requirements apply). These shelved ar emade of clear acrylic, this way a light underneath does wonders for lighting up the display. This will hold 65 sets of our standard polyhedral retail packaged containers over 5 shelved.

    Two display racks side by side, with extra dice in front.

    For more details, or to request one, email us today!

    More details in our first prototype post.

  • Official Metal Dice Launch coming with new styles!

    We are proud to announce the official launch of our metal dice line on November 4th including the addition of a few new styles, including 5 colours of dragon inspired font, mermaid scales. and 3 colours of gears. These are available now to all our retail partners.

    Check them out here!

  • Spell Templates Officially Available!

    As we eluded to back in February (thanks Covid for slowing us down), we finally have Spell Templates! Available in three colours, each set comes with 6 templates. 3 round templates, 2 cone templates, and one line template. These are locally made of laser cut acrylic.

    Check out the colour options here.

  • 2020 Dice Calendars SOLD OUT!
    Thank you to all of you who supported our 2020 Dice Calendars, and apologies to those who missed out. As of Oct 7 we are totally and completely sold out of our 2020 Dice Calendars. We love you all, your continues support means so much to us!
  • 2020 Advent Calendar Preorders

    Our most popular variations are the traditional 24 day advent calendar and the 31 day countdown to the new year. We also carry an 8-day and a 30-day countdown. All the calendars come in a standard version (one die per day and a full set on the last day) and a deluxe version (a full set every day). 

    This year’s calendars include different dice set from last year’s, with one special winter-themed dice set. 

    If you are interested in reserving calendars, please let me know by September 1. Payment can happen at delivery time. We’re hoping to have the calendars ready to go by September 15th, so we will plan to deliver any orders the weekend of September 19 & 20.


  • New Gift Sets in time for Fathers Day

    Looking for some new ideas to offer your customer? New gift sets available in time for fathers day. All gift sets include our Grey speckled ceramic fireside mug, some traditional wooden pencils, dice, stickers, and various other goodies. click here for more details.

    Any order placed by Saturday June 13 at 3 PM will be delivered locally by end of business day Sunday.

  • Free local shipping extended!

    This Pandemic is certainly taking its tole on everybody, we are all doing what we can, so to help reduce costs, we are keeping our offer for free local shipping with no minimum order valid for as long as we can.

    This applies to all orders placed between Chilliwack and Vancouver. If you are outside that area, or unsure, please reach out to us, we do like to make day trips into the wilderness, and we will do what we can to accommodate.

    Stay safe, and thank you.

  • Free shipping extended through April

    April mayhem, or is it April showers, well either way, we have extended our no minimum order for free lower mainland (and parts of the Fraser Valley) shipping special through April due to the maybe that was march. We prefer to run specials people can actually take advantage of, it just makes more sense. Thoughts are with you, we are here to support you however we know how! Stay safe, we are stronger together!

  • March Madness – Dice Style!

    Through the end of March 2020 there is no minimum order for FREE delivery on local orders placed on the website!

    On checkout, just select the free shipping option (if its not there, we apologize, please contact us ASAP to resolve any issues). This offer only applies to accounts where the shipping address is in British Columbia, between (and including) Vancouver through Chilliwack.

  • Acrylic Stands now available

    Made from high quality 1/8″ cast acrylic, these stands are custom made to hold our dice on edge for maximum exposure to your customers. Shine a light underneath, and watch the dice sparkle! Free with minimum order, contact us for more details

    Ever try to take a picture of clear acrylic…?

    Also available in 1/8″ MDF or plywood for that rustic adventurer look.

  • Spell Templates available soon

    Laser cut from high quality cast acrylic, spell templates currently come in blue, red, and clear. Scaled for the standard grid of 1″ : 5′ Included are the following templates

    • 20′ radius circle
    • 10′ radius circle
    • 5′ radius circle
    • 30′ cone
    • 15′ cone
    • 30′ x 5′ line

    Available starting February 10th, 2020

  • Metal Dice Sneak Peak

    Launching for FanExpo 2020, our new metal dice come in a hinged windowed tin, cushioned with foam. The Ancient series MSRP for $50, where the enamel sets MSRP for $64

    Available to order 2020-02-15

  • Upcoming Holidays

    Our systems will be up and running, but no deliveries will be sent out while we are on holidays from January 5th through 19th. Make sure to get your order in by January 3rd to ensure delivery on the 4th. Everything will resume as normal after we return on January 20th.

  • Wholesale website now live!

    Adventure Dice wholesale website now live! After some requests, some contemplation, some investigation, and some trial and error, we have settled on doing our wholesale on a separate website. With certain requirements, this was the best option. Seems trying to combine the functionality of selling released product to the general public, and selling all your stock to retail, works much different, and getting the two to coexist wasn’t feasible with the available plugins. Well at least not for reasonable cost, and simplicity. Thank you for your patience, suggestions, and support, feel ree to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions!

    You can reach us at wholesale.adventuredice.ca or wholesaledice.ca (they both lead you to the same place)